About Me


Steven M. DeMott is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied performance and music production and engineering while majoring in songwriting. As well as being a prolific musician and songwriter, DeMott owns & operates Fountain Pen Music, LLC.

Sometime around 1985 Steve penned his first song (and no, he won’t play it for anyone), which started him on a lifelong pursuit of “the perfect song”. He continued writing through his high school days and eventually ended up as a songwriting major at Berklee College of Music. Further shaping and honing his writing with the help of the writing department faculty, particularly Pat Pattison, Jon Aldrich & Jack Pericone.

Steve’s music has been compared to John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Alison Krauss, Sting, John Lennon & Jackson Browne

Recently Steve was reminded that not all who wander are lost.