Audio Post Services

You take care of the video. I'll take care of the audio.

You spend a lot of time getting the right shot, the right light, the right angle. Let me help you get the right audio. Let's face it, location audio is hard. There are always environmental issues that interfere with getting good, clean audio. Before you call your client and tell them the audio isn't as good as you had hoped, let me take what you have and make it as good as it can be.

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Some of the services I can provide are:

Audio Post
Let me take your dialogue or other captured audio and clean & enhance it to make it the best it can be.
I do this through the careful use of noise reduction, equalization, compression, de-essing, plosive taming, and level automation. I can also deliver final files that conform with any of the prevailing broadcast standards.

Voice Over Recording
Let me engineer your voice over session in a great sounding room with high-end equipment.

Music Beds
Choose from my existing music or have something custom made for your needs.

Clients Include
Sennheiser (audio post) | Julien Jarry Photography & Video (audio post) | Trinity Church (audio post) | Microsoft Studios (recording engineer) | Ubisoft (recording engineer) | Voice Express (sound design, audio post)

Please contact me to talk about any projects you have that need audio help. My rates are reasonable and my turnaround time is very fast.

Audio Post Portfolio

The following are examples of my audio post work.

Sennheiser: Pro Talk

Sennheiser: Pro Talk

Dark Horse Bouldering

Dark Horse Bouldering


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