Windows – Just Say No

I just spent the better part of my morning cleaning up a family member’s Dell laptop and had one thought to sum up the experience “why to people subject themselves to Windows.”

I am, admittedly, a Mac user, but I did my fair share of Windows, UNIX & UNIX-like OSes back in the day (programming in Pascal on VAX/VMS, for instance). I simply refuse to wrestle with a tool to get it to perform a task it was built to perform – my Mac seems to understand that why can’t Microsoft figure it out?

I feel sorry for people who have to put up with the Microsoft garbage on a daily basis. It’s cumbersome and counter intuitive…that being said – I guess it’s better them than me.

It simply goes to reinforce an old joke I like to use when I sit at someone’s computer to “fix it” for them: “oh, I see what the problem is…you installed Windows on this thing”.