Never a dull moment

The past couple of weeks has been anything but boring. Once again, change is in the air. But everything seems to be changing for the better and I feel myself becoming much more comfortable with life in general.

I have been really excited about this song I’ve recorded. It’s almost done, I just need to add the highest harmonies and finish the mix. I had the great honor of having a great drummer here to record the drum tracks for me. I’m really getting excited about music again. It has inspired me to get some more of my music recorded. There are a group of songs that I just never recorded after I finished writing them, and I really am proud of them. I’ve also re-arranged the opening track from my Wasted Time album in a way that really captures the mood in a way I didn’t in the original recording. They all deserve some attention. I will get them all recorded, one by one, over the next several weeks.

That also ties in with my change for my business, Fountain Pen Music. As I return to my roots and just indulge in songwriting again I want to use Fountain Pen Music to facilitate that and to help promote it. I’m still working on the new Fountain Pen Music site, but have also made a deal with a marketing firm to get their design ideas. It should be very interesting once it’s all done.

And fresh on the heels of that I am entertaining an offer to get in on a very interesting start-up. I can’t say too much about it, but my role, if I accept, will be more of melding technology with creativity…which may be what I am best suited to do. I also really do love the energy of the whole start-up company. A real “roll-up your sleeves” mentality. There’s an excitement there that I just enjoy so very much.

There is some left over drama from my dad’s death last October that keeps refusing to go away. And, while it is frustrating I don’t think it’s going to be a big problem, even though there may not be a way to keep lawyers out of it. Some people just don’t deal well when they don’t get their way…regardless of whether their way is fair or right or just plain selfish.

I just finished my Lemoncello after a long day at the end of a long week…so I’m going to take Emerson (our dog) out one last time and go up to bed.