Gig: 6/28/09 at The Bitter End

the bitter end

Just booked it today. I’ll be performing as part of the Singer/Songwriters Sessions. I don’t know who else will be performing, but I imagine there will be some other good music too.

I go on at 7:30 pm, and will be sending out some emails to let people know and (hopefully) get a few supporters in the crowd. I should have more details soon.

Mark your calendars and come on down.

Broken Mirrors

broken-mirrorSo, I played my first gig in a long while this past friday as part of a songwriter’s circle. It was really fun to get out and play in front of a crowd again. I really like the energy of performing to a crowd that is there to listen…which was the case this past friday. After so many years of being in front of crowds, I feel so comfortable in that situation. That wasn’t so surprising.

What I was surprised to find was just how much I truly missed performing live. For the past few years I would remind myself of all the negative aspects of gigging: you always spend way more time loading, unloading, setting up and tearing down than you want to and the actual playing end of the night goes by so fast. Not to mention, the ROI on a performance is somewhere in the negatives. It’s a strong argument against it.

What you forget, after a while at least, is how alive you feel when you’re up there performing. I somehow feel most myself when I’m in front of a crowd playing my music. And I don’t mean that in a narcissistic way. I just really enjoy sharing my music. For me the pay-off is when someone walks away from the night having really “gotten” one of my songs. I think most of my friends get that about me.

And so, I say to myself: Step lightly over broken mirrors